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Col des Tentes and Troumouse

Difficulty - Black
Distance - 92 or 80km
Elevation Gain - 1750 or 1630m

The Col des Tentes is  close to the French / Spanish border and at 2208m is actually higher than the Col du Tourmalet. The 30km ride from the Argeles Valley to Gavarnie is quite gentle but the last 9 or 10 kms after Gavarnie are steep, an average of 7.8% with sections at 9%. 

If you're not in the mood for the steep bits, just stop stop at Gavarnie for a coffee and if you have the time try to see the Cirque de Gavarnie, a UNESCO World heritage site. As it's so popular, the road to Gavarnie can get very busy during the summer months. It's best to go early morning or late afternoon to avoid the traffic.

An alternative route is the climb to the adjacent Cirque de Troumouse. It's not so high, but the last section is really narrow and steep. There's not normally so much traffic as you find going to Gavarnie.


Col des Tentes and Troumousse