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Recreational Bike routes

If you're not feeling so active ...

Recreational bike routes


Recreational Biking in the Hautes Pyrenees:

It doesn’t have to be all climbing or hair raising descents ..... La "Voie Verte" or Greenway that runs from Lourdes to Pierrefitte is 18km long and is a smooth, flat cycling path that runs by most of the big campsites in Argeles Gazost. It follows the route of the old railway line from Lourdes to Soulom last used in 1992 and for a lot of the way runs alongside the Gave de Pau. The route is reserved for bikes, rollers and pedestrians. In May 2010, signs in Braille were added to all the information panels, and audio terminals in three languages giving information about the forested mountains, glaciers and the peaks of the Pyrenees that border the wide U-shaped Vallee d’Argeles-Gazost.

A little more challenging is a recent extension to the Voie Vert, the “Chemin des Voyageurs” or Travellers’ Path, a dirt and gravel trail that follows the former PCL tram route through a spectacular gorge from Pierrefitte to Cauterets. It’s 10 km long with an average 5.3% gradient and goes through a floodlit tunnel and over the old Meyabet road bridge.


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