2019 CUBE Agree C:62 SL (Di2)

2 590,00 2 190,00

A full carbon road bike with Ultegra Di2 electronic 11 speed gears, a compact 50/34 crankset and 11×32 rear cassette.


If you want to buy a carbon road bike with Shimano Di2 electronic gearing, we have the CUBE Agree Hybrid C.62 SL, a super lightweight, full Ultegra carbon race bike with Di2 shifters front and rear. Like all our road bikes, this has a compact 50/34 and 11×32 cassette. We have one bike available in size (L)56. In perfect condition and very competitively priced for a full carbon, Ultegra Di2 bike … A LOT lighter and a LOT less money than the new 2021 disc brake version, priced at €3500.

2019 CUBE Agree C:62 SL Specifications