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Luz Ardiden climb

Difficulty - Black
Distance - 64km
Elevation Gain - 1340m

The climb of Luz Ardiden is perhaps best known for Lance Armstrong falling off his bike during the 2003 Tour de France, when he got his handlebars caught up in a bright yellow T de F carrier bag. He then went on, (in a drug induced frenzy perhaps), to catch and pass all his closest rivals. If you've ever seen the video you'll know it's a climb worth doing ....

The route shown is from Lau-Balagnas in the Argeles Valley, but if you're based in Luz St. Sauveur and have climbed the Tourmalet in the morning, then this is a great afternoon or early evening climb and descent. Worth pointing out, there are 31 hairpin bends. That would be 10 more than the Alp d'Huez!

From Luz it's only 14km, but it's a challenging ride, many say harder that the Tourmalet. The centre section is steep, 10% for a few km, and there's no rest till you get to the top. Sorry to say, but when you get to the top there's not even a cafe, just great views, However, as it's a dead end road there's never very much traffic, even during July or August. Often, you'll only ever see other cyclists


Luz Ardiden climb


You can buy the official Topoguide "Velo de route" Map book here from Ardiden Velos or from the Office d'Tourisme in Luz St. Sauveur. It has separate cards for 20 of the best road bike routes in and around Luz St. Sauveur that you can take with you on your ride. It's in french and the photos are a bit old fashioned, but the maps are easy to follow and the routes are still as awesome as ever!